after creating my website, one question is appeared in my mind that how I can promote my website for free, that I get more and more visitors to my website?

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There are lots of methods you can use to promote your site.

e.g. You can promote through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc
But for that case you need to mention your website specification, that what about your site is?

If you are providing digital or physical products then you have to use above mention social websites. If your site is about blogging or education then you have to use some forum sites, Like TutsPoint.net, quora.com, etc.

There what you can is (lots of people have question in their mind about different things, and may someone also have the question about what you provides solutions. You have to give them answers and referrer to your site and that’s it.

Or you also can post the question yourself and give answer itself (its a bit awkward, but wait some one are just searching answers for their questions but they don’t wish/have time/or don’t know how to ask question or what ever, but your question is their solution).